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w4m - TTC line 1 southbound... I should have said something!

Posted on Apr 01, 2019 at 11:22 am

I was heading southbound from St. George, you ran in just as the doors were closing. You sat across from me and I'm pretty sure you saw me eyeballing you the whole time.

You were tall with a beard, wearing a hat with a tan jacket, black pants, and white sneakers. I had big brown glasses with my hair in a bun, a big scarf, tan corduroy jacket and white sneakers.

I got off at Queens Park station... Should have told you how gorgeous you were!!

When and Where

I saw you on:   Mon, Apr 01, 2019
Time of day:   Between 7am and 11am
In which city:   Toronto
Specific location:   Subway line 1 southbound

Additional Information

Your body type:   Thin
Your age range:   Between 25 and 34
Your ethnicity:   Not Sure
Your height range:   Between 5'6" and 6'
Your hair colour:   Not Sure

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