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We believe that love can happen anywhere and at anytime. You could be at a coffee shop, a train station, a wedding party or driving to work. When the universe decides to bring two people together, there isn’t much anyone can do to prevent it. You need to let go of everything that holds you back and just enjoy the ride.

The idea behind can be defined by one word – Mamihlapinatapai. It is listed in The Guinness Book of World Records as the “most succinct word”. It refers to…

A look shared by two people, each wishing that the other will offer something that they both desire but are unwilling to suggest or offer themselves.

- Source

We've all had this experience at some point in our life. When you lock eyes with someone and they smile and you smile back… and then there is this really weird awkward feeling where neither knows what to do next. While at the same time there is this warm sensation deep within your soul that is urging you to make something happen. Most times we are too shy to approach the other person and engage in a conversation.

What would I say? Are they single or in a committed relationship? Was that a ‘have a nice day’ smile or ‘I want to get to know you better over a cup of coffee’ smile?

The other scenario is where you see someone but you just can’t reach them to embark on that next step. Perhaps you saw them in a train as you were walking along the station platform. In an airport but had to rush to catch your flight. At a grocery store but they were the cashier and you didn’t want to hold up the line and get beaten by a grandmother holding a really hard cane. This is referred to as a “missed connection”.

We created to tackle these exact scenarios. It is not a matchmaking service. It provides a channel for two people with a crush to reach out to each other anonymously. Everyone has had a crush on someone or have been on the receiving end of one at some point in their life. A crush can turn into a friendship, an experience or a new lens to view the world through. However, there are those tiny fraction of crushes that turn into true love. An experience that changes your life forever and takes you on a journey that will bring an eternity of happiness and fulfillment. It is the hope of finding such a magical experience that drives us to keep locking eyes and smiling until we find that special someone. It is this hope that drove us to build

We hope that you have as much fun using as we had building it. Remember to put safety first and read our Safety Tips & Post Guidelines to make sure your experience is a good one.

Good luck and Happy TCing.

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